Tuesday, August 7, 2007

If The Women Don't Find You Handsome...

I'm lucky that my man is handsome and handy!

He's just spent a couple hours taking the dryer apart to see why it wouldn't dry Thomas' clothes last night. The problem is found, and he's on his way to Canadian Tire to get something that will fix it. Something to do with one of the wires, I guess. Like I know. 

He just continues to impress me.

I mean, for a man who's supposed to be all about books and sermons and people (you know, being a Pastor and all) he's incredibly capable of fixing things. Mechanical, electrical, plumbical... well, you get the drift.

Last year, with Thomas' help, he took the door panels off the van, and fixed the power windows. A few weeks ago he took my irritating iron apart and fixed the connection in the cord so it doesn't flash on and off anymore, which also fixed the steam problem.

He can fix telephones and computers, and washers and dryers, hair appliances and toasters, steam irons and vacuums. He builds gazebos and installs umbrella dryers. He can pack a trunk like nobody's business.

He's amazing, actually.

And in an hour or so, the dryer will be generating heat again, and it will be completely lint free, and we found all manner of exciting things that had been sucked into the cavity under the drum. I think we can go out for coffee- maybe twice- on the change we found in there.

I wasn't worried, though. The outdoor dryer is doing splendidly. On a day like today, which is about as unlike yesterday as you could hope for, the sheets and towels seem to be drying faster than the dryer ever has, and  I'm looking forward to the outdoor fresh scent on my pillow tonight.

I should go think of something nice for supper...


  1. Maybe I can borrow him for awhile, I need a handy-man around here!

    My hubby is a welder, not a plumber, not a builder, not a drywaller, not an electrician and not anything else BUT A WELDER!!! And me, well I'm good at cleaning stuff up! :)

  2. Marc fixed a horrible noise in our dryer the other night (and since it's brand new I was pretty worried). It was the underwire of my bra which had come out of a hole in my nursing bra and made its way under the drum of the dryer. Marc fished it out and the dryer stopped making the noise. And upon seeing my underwire all on its own, I'm quite impressed -- it looks like a man-sized wire retainer!

  3. That's it. No more calling in for repairs on items no longer on warranty---not until I try it first. I want to be a fix-it guy!


  4. Ahem, you forgot my guns, Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary.

    They're always ready for action.