Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rotary Dial Telephones,

Line drying the laundry,

Picking raspberries,

Homemade breads,

Baking cookies,

Washing dishes by hand,


Making jam and jelly.


Because you have to dial slowly and the bells sound nice when the phone rings.

Because you hang one item at a time, and things smell nice when they come out of the closet.

Because they are quite fragile and you can only pick one berry at a time.

Because you have to relax and wait for the dough to rise, then wait for it to rise again, and nothing smells like "home" the way fresh baked bread does.

Because you can't scrape it all into a pan and let it cook all at once. You have to drop or roll one cookie at a time. Slower than a cake. Slower than squares.

Because the sun sparkles on the suds and I like to make the dishes shine, one at a time.

Because pillow cases smell better when they've been ironed, and you can't rush through the shirts if they're going to look good.

Because there's nothing like home-made, and seeing the filled jars standing in a row is just so satisfying.


Because life wants to rush by too fast, and sometimes I need to slow it down a little.

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