Thursday, August 9, 2007

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?


I've showered and coiffed.

I made 9 grain pancakes, and I've eaten breakfast and cleaned it all up.

I've done my make-up and have worked my way through half a pot of tea.

Do I wake up the Man?

If it's Son #1, who sleeps in the unfinished part of the basement directly under the kitchen,  I drop things on the kitchen floor, or bang a chair up and down... (the only time I've ever heard a sarcastic light was when I had banged on the floor several times and finally he turned on his light, pulling the string to flick the light on and off about 5 times...)

If it's Son #2, I pretty much have to go to his room and give his leg a shake.

If it's the Husband, though?

Even if we have a date to go into Saskatoon?

Oh- wait... I think I hear him.

Good. I was getting ready to start with the radio.

Now, all I have to do is scurry upstairs and get dressed. It would be too embarrassing, after a post like this, to not be completely ready with my shoes on, before him!

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