Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Second Time Around

(on several levels now, as I started this post only to have the computer do a spontaneous shut-down after the second line...)

We're giving "Convention" another try.

A few years ago we, (the Husband & I) were both tired of the dishes on the same day, so we decided to pack them up, donate them to the Youth Group garage sale, and head down to the Salvation Army for a set of mis-matched dishes.

We had quite a good time picking out plates, mugs and bowls that we liked. Sometimes there were two the same, but most of them were just odd bits of crockery that took our fancy. We also came home with a silver fronted bread box and a very cool "retro" set of glasses; silver topped in a silver display tray.

We've enjoyed our non-set of dishes. The beauty of them is, as we've proven several times,  when one breaks, you just stop off at the Sally Ann on your way home and find another odd bit that you like.

We found it freeing.

Our kids called it "Mid Life Crisis".

Well,  for awhile, and I think it may have started when He brought home a set of Ikea flatware,  we've been exploring "matching" dishes again.

This week we were both ready for a new set at the same time.

More significantly, we both liked the same set of dishes at the same time.

So, we've packed up the remnant of the mis-matched plates and bowls and the odd mugs and tea cups, and we've replaced them with Corelle's square, white dishes.

So far, I like them... I'm hoping they don't get too boring, being all "pure white" and all. Maybe I'll be more motivated to keep the table covered with a cloth so there's an interesting contrast.

We'll see.

If breaking free of the confines of conventional dinnerware was "Mid Life Crisis"... I'm a little afraid that a matched set - especially white- is the beginning of decrepitude...

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  1. There are some obvious jokes here about being square - but you're far too young to be square !