Friday, August 17, 2007

Let The Party Begin

It's our Anniversary today.

Twenty- Two years.

Half my life.

Makes me feel old.

Also a little proud of us.

We're celebrating by taking the three offspring to Saskatoon for the afternoon and evening. He's calling it "Family Vacation Day".

We're thinking Mini Golf, then supper, then a cheap movie at the Rainbow Theatre.

We don't usually celebrate Anniversaries with our children.

Our fifth Anniversary, for example, which we did, was memorable.

We decided, since Thomas was just 4 months old and the girls were about 2 weeks and a month shy of their 3rd and 2nd Birthdays (respectively), to have a nice quiet evening at home. (I know- how insane were we?!)

We picked up a couple of movies; one for the girls and one for us. I made a celebratory dinner, and we set the T.V. up on the end of the table.

We watched the girls' movie while we had supper, and then planned to enjoy our grown-up movie after they were in bed and down for the count.

Good Idea.

We chose to watch  Bambi with them.

Bad idea.

Both girls had an unreasonable fear of anything puppy or kitty. Johanna had been having nightmares about fires for a few months and spent a lot of her going to sleep time worrying about that. Being very young children, we were basically dealing, on a regular basis, with a lot of fear.

Cue the movie.

Ah... that's Bambi! Isn't he cute? Oh, look- there's Thumper and Flower... and Bambi's Mother... oh, wait... what's that? Hunters? Bambi's mother gets shot and killed?! Hmm... oh, great... hunting dogs and a forest fire... right. Great.

You have to love those children's movies...

We'll probably do something like Ocean's 13 tonight... and any Cranky Pants who don't want to go mini golfing can sit in the van.

With no keys.

Or MP3 players.

It will be fun. And I'll totally cream them all at mini golf.

Come on!

It's MINI golf. Of course I'll win!

And then we'll go to the airport to pick up the Swiss Daughter. I suppose I'll have to stop calling her that now.

I think it should be a good day.

And if it's not, we'll totally ditch these people and do something great next week.


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  1. What?? They shoot Bambi's mother? Thanks, Lauralea. Thanks for ruining the movie for me. I was going to watch it with the kids this weekend, but I won't bother now. I can't believe they'd shoot his mother---no, I can't believe you'd just throw out an unannounced spoiler like that.

    Just kidding. (You probably knew that already.)

    Incidentally, does anyone else find it odd that they chose "Bambi" for the name of the future Buck of Town? The name doesn't exactly have the ring of authority about it, does it?

    Anyway...have a good day. Kick some butt.