Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well... They SAY Silence Is Golden...

So, this week?

I'm Golden.

There's just not been much to report.

Or comment on.

Or make fun of.

We've been busy getting ready for Daughter #1, who will be pit-stopping here for a few weeks on her way back from Switzerland. We'll be in Saskatoon on Friday night to meet her plane.

We're starting to think of "Back To School" and all that tripe.... Boy needs trousers and shoes, and paper and pens, etc., etc., etc.,...

We're in the "Family Vacation" period of the summer, but with a Daughter and a Son both working different schedules we haven't been able to do anything Vacation-y as a Family.

So, we're basically laying low... or high, if we're laying in the new bed... and taking it as easy as we can.

If anything exciting happens... I'll let you know.


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