Friday, September 21, 2007

Inappropriate Response?

There are things we like to do

When the children are safely out of the house

And we're sure no one will bother us.

We also like to watch movies.

Tonight we watched two.

One was "Shooter", with Mark Wahlberg.

It had a good plot.

Very intense.

My favourite part?

Near the end, when all of the main characters are standing on the top of a mountain to which they have been spirited by helicopters

And one of the Bad Guys is holding the Good Guy's Girl hostage, in front of himself, with a really big gun in one hand

And the Good Guy shoots the gun out of the Bad Guy's hand

And then, after the bad guy starts shouting, in amazement and near delight, that "He did it! I can't believe he took the shot!",

The Bad Guy's arm gets blown off.

It was so "Monty-Python-esque" that I laughed out loud.

For several minutes.


Come on! Is that the best you can do?! Come on you Pansy!

It's just a flesh wound!

1 comment:

  1. I watched Shooter on a long bus ride with a tiny screen, scratchy speaker, and various distractions, so I can't say I was really into it, but the ending did strike me as somewhat too unbelievable/over the top ... yes even Pythonesque.