Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Earth Moved And The Mountains Trembled

Did I mention that we were away?

The Canmore Inns and Suites had pretty good beds. Not as good as our new one, but pretty good, nonetheless.

So, Tuesday night I'm in bed, starting to fall asleep

And all of a sudden the bed starts to shake.

There's a humming sound, and there's vibration...

It took until the second time before I decided I wasn't imagining it, and there was indeed a whole lot of shaking going on.

"The bed's shaking!?!"

He just looked at me and sort of shook his head, and gave me a slightly indulgent smile.

"No- really! It is. Come here. Feel it!"

Finally he sighed, got up from the love seat, and started toward the bed.

Of course the shaking immediately stopped.

"Well, it was shaking."

The moment he resumed his seat, it started again.

I enjoined him to come feel the bed several times; repeatedly asked if he didn't hear that humming noise; couldn't he hear the headboard sort of bumping against the wall?!

Finally he laughed and threw the T.V. remote at the bed, where it landed near the pillow beside me.

Only it wasn't the T.V. remote.

It was the bed remote.

And the yellow electrical cord that I had observed going into the outlet beside the standing lamp wasn't for a second light.

It was for the massage option.


I wonder if anyone else was assigned to a room with a vibrating bed...

I hope that's not a reflection on who they think we are!


And why didn't we notice this sooner...?


  1. At least it made my boys laugh when I read this out loud to them... I think that's a good thing... but I'm not sure...

  2. Haha! I didn't know they had vibrating beds! That's crazy! I wonder if mine had that! Well, it was good for a laugh right!? It was good to see you this weekend and will be thinking and praying for you guys while you prepare for the wedding! Glad you made it home safely!

  3. What kind of place was that anyway. I thought vibrating beds went out with the 60's - or is this the "new and improved" kind.

    I think it would be much better than our foam mattress.....

  4. Mains powered you say? Well it'll save on batteries.