Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hello, Mountains! Goodbye Mountains.

The yearly Pastor's and Spouses retreat has come and gone.

This means we booked it to Canmore early Monday morning, and got back late last night.

We did something way out there, this year. For us, anyway. Something quite beyond my comfort zone.

We left the boys home alone.

With strict injunctions to tell NO ONE that they were home alone.

And, they did really well!

They got Thomas almost moved into his new room, they fed themselves and they didn't kill each other OR burn the house down!

We didn't get any frantic, "what do I do now!?!?" phone calls, and their Father's faith in them was completely justified.

So, good for them.

Parental pride abounds.


  1. I was wondering how they were. Almost called them but every time I went by the house seemed intact and I figured they were probably just fine without anyone butting in.

  2. So does this mean you are coming for refresh...???