Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Things You Do To Get Through It

My husband takes his MP3 player and listens to music.


I make up a things in my head while the Dentist is busy needling, grinding,  pushing and prodding... doing the crown prep...

If I finish it, I'll write it out for you; the story poem about a King who loses his crown... how does it start? Like this:

The King awoke one morning and leapt up with a frown. "Help! Oh, someone help!" he cried, "I think I've lost my crown!"

The Royal Cat, quite undisturbed, was purring on the bed. "But Sire," the little Page said, "Sire, your crown is on your head!"

"No, not that,"was the King's reply. He groaned then said no more. He held his face between his hands and sank down to the floor.

The Royal Page was worried, so he ran to fetch the Queen. "Your Majesty, please hurry! Such things I've never seen!".

The Queen went bustling to the room, "Come, come, what's going on?" The moaning King just mumbled, "My crown! My crown is gone!"

So... we'll see if that goes anywhere.

It got me through the hour and a half that I spent in The Chair, anyway.

And I got the cupcakes iced, and I made quite a cute pumpkin cake (well,  a round white cake decorated to look like a jack-o-lantern) which I think I will send along to the Youth Group Bible Study/ Halloween gathering tomorrow night. It was intended for the bake sale at the school tomorrow, but I can't be 100% sure it's not a bit soggy in the middle. (so I'm comfortable giving it away or feeding it to my family, but not  offering it up for sale!)

And so, onward and upward.


  1. What a cute poem and what a way to pass the time!!

  2. It made my day easier b/c we were making cupcakes today... just to clarify. :)

  3. I dreamt Linea was doing some major dental work on me yesterday and I forgot my headphones (I brought my mini dvd player last time and watched "Bridget Jones"). I just hate all of those grinding noises; they freak me out. So, well done you, for closing your mind to the noise and opening it to a bit of literary genius...

    And thanks for posting that icing recipe. It made my day a lot easier. And now I have icing for whatever I make for dessert for the potluck Sunday.

  4. For me, the bad part about going to the dentist is not necessarily the sounds, but the tastes. I wish there was some way I could turn off my sense of taste for an hour while they do my cleaning and checkup.