Monday, October 29, 2007

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow

I lied.

Tomorrow means getting ready for Micah's School's "Halloween Tea & Bake Sale" on Wednesday.

It also means a major episode with my Dentist.

She wants to crown me.

And yet, in spite of the big needles and the multiple hours in her chair, I suspect that the crown will not a Princess make me.

I don't know what I was thinking to book an appointment for the day before one of the 2 major school events that I knew I'd be involved with.


Ah, well. What can you do.

(I could chicken out and not go... but that would be pure cowardice.)

Today was spent equipping Micah (via queen sized, black Value Village bed sheet) to be the Grim Reaper... or Death... or something vaguely monk-like, on Wednesday. He must like the costume as he's been wearing it all evening.

And tonight was the first Grad Parents' meeting at Thomas' school. So it begins yet again. As we sat there, Randall leaned over and whispered, "You realize we have to do a Wedding before we do this?"


It will be a busy spring.

And summer.

And staying up too late again tonight won't make it all go away; it will just make  getting up in the morning more of a chore.

So tomorrow I have to bake cupcakes (again!), maybe 4 dozen this time, before I hit the Dentist. (well, I won't hit the Dentist...  I like my Dentist... just not her big pointy needles....) If I can get the baking done before 10:15, I'll be able to do the decorating in the afternoon.

Let's just say I'm looking forward to 3:00 Wednesday afternoon, post Tea.

By then it should all be over, and I can relax a bit, in between bouts of answering the door to little goblins and fairies.

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