Thursday, November 22, 2007

And So, My Sons, What Have We Learned Today?

Let's recap, shall we:


When we borrow Mother's Church key, we must make sure to put it back. Don't forget that her car keys are also on that set, and she gets a little testy when we put them in our coat pocket and take them to school with us on the day she was keeping the car to run errands.

When we close the basement door, we must remember to take a quick look to make sure that nothing is waiting at the top of the stairs to be taken down. Don't forget that when the door closes, things at the top will be pushed to the edge of the stairs and might fall.

Liquid laundry detergent doesn't travel well. When it goes bouncing down a flight of steps there is a good chance the lid, or another part of the bottle, will break causing liquid laundry detergent to spill out in a big puddle.

Cleaning liquid laundry detergent off basement, or any other, carpet is more difficult than we might think. Don't forget that Mother isn't as young as she used to be, and her knees have no cushion or padding anymore so once she's on her knees she might not be able to get back up again. And when she's on her knees at the bottom of the stairs with a spoon and a container scooping up liquid laundry detergent, "Oh, God" is a prayer. Some of the other things she said might not have been, but remember that she was in distress.

Your Mother loves you. Really she does. It's not your fault that there is one big clean patch on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs, or that every time it gets a little wet there from now until eternity the carpet will get a little foamy. It was an accident. Your Mother knows this and she really does understand.

Your Mother loves you. Really she does. She knows that you probably get your forgetfulness from her, and since your Father was able to drop by with his set of car keys in time for her to get her errands done before lunch time, all was not lost. Remember that she is like a little geyser- she only blows off steam in short bursts. She can't stay angry for very long. By the time you get home from school she will have forgotten all about it. Just don't forget to have one of those keys cut for your own key chain. And don't let it happen again.


  1. yeah...glad that didn't happen to me.

    Sorry! ;)

  2. Sounds like life is quite the adventure in your household.

  3. You just demonstrated significant restraint IMHO. Must have been the praying down there on your knees in the detergent that did it. Aren't kids great how they move us closer to God?