Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Neutral Refuse

(as in REH-fews)

I got the sewing table moved, finally, and all the Girls' storage stuff from Micah's closet that has been occupying so much family room space.

As I tackled the relocation project, it struck me how much like a Central B.C. Farmyard my basement has become.

I mean, if you're from Central B.C., and you take offense, well, I'm sorry, and you've obviously not been off the beaten track, like on your way out to Willow River, where these farms abound.

I've lived in Southern Ontario.

The farmyards there tend to be very tidy: mowed grass, machines in sheds, everything spot on.

The farms near where I grew up tend to be... not so tidy.

The long grass waves invitingly as you drive by, welcoming you to come and pay your respects at the Old Vehicle Graveyard, where junk heaps rust and mice and skunks abound.

Old, falling down buildings always seem to be part of the landscape.

You'll probably see a few large appliances abandoned in part of the field somewhere.


A White Trash basement, these days.

We might need to move the old dryer out, and paint a couple of walls... and quit using the laundry room as a dumping ground for everything and anything that used to work, or might work, or would just be fun to take a hammer to.

(no, you couldn't tell at all that I have a couple of teenaged boys living here, could you?)

Ah, well. The family room is a little bigger now.

One small step for Mom, one giant step for... something, someday I'm sure.

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