Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well, That Was Quick!

Just had a call from the Doctor, to let me know that the ultrasound results are there.

This IS just Wednesday, right?

I thought so.

She's been thinking I might not be Diabetic, but might actually have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which also causes insulin resistance.

The treatment is pretty much the same, and since I'm (knock on wood) done having children, the infertility that can go along with it wouldn't concern me.

All that to say, depending on what tale the blood tests tell, the 3 cysts on my left ovary could go a fair way to confirming her suspicions.

She's also referring me to a Specialist who will take a look at my Thyroid, and possibly want to do a biopsy of the little nodule that showed up on it.

I'm still processing that one.

But, I'm impressed that the results were back so fast, and that the Doctor took time to phone me herself.


  1. That is nice that she actually called you and told you the findings and didn't make you come back in. So you would have to sit there and worry about the results. That sounds like a nice doc you have.

  2. FYI, don't be too concerned about thyroid. With our family's thyroid history, we know a fair bit about it. Call me for details if needed.