Friday, November 9, 2007

Dr. Frankenstein! What Have You DONE?!

Playing Canasta has sort of become a parental bonding thing in my family.

When we're visiting my Mom & Dad, Mom & I play Canasta.

Gives us something to do with our hands while we catch up on life. It's a pleasant way to spend an evening.

While Hillary was home we were able to fit in one good game.

This morning I decided that Micah's plea should be honoured, and in the interest of securing a new Canasta partner for the next 3 1/2 years, I would teach him how to play.

So this afternoon we reviewed the rules and started a game.

Thomas came home from work and recognized the action (playing cards, score keeping notebook....) and thought it would be a good thing to get in on.

The Boys were out earlier tonight at play practice, being a good little stage crew and sound man, so I was catching up on my Sims. Building a new house, etc....

But they're home now.

The cards are dealt.

And for the past 10 minutes it's been, "Are you coming Mom?!... MOM! Are you coming?!... People are dying...."

I'd better go before it deteriorates into a fracas.


I may have created a monster...

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