Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's The Poor Lab Tech I'm Choosing To Feel Sorry For

Fasting blood work this morning.

Too much fasting, at least in the liquid department.

I told her they've never had this much trouble finding a bloody vein.

She told me that sometimes with fasting one gets a little dehydrated, which makes the veins hard to find.

Let's just say my veins were VERY hard to find this morning.

I have  matching bruises on the outside of each elbow, nearly at the top of each elbow joint.

I told her I was choosing to believe that this was hurting her as much as it was hurting me.

It was.

And we agreed that both our days could only get better.


But Hillary might have to roll out her own cinnamon buns.


  1. Why the blood draw? Are you diabetic? Ive been told by my doctor, "Female, fat and 40+" is a recipe for disaster. Course, she could have just as well said, "human." Here's hoping that you are doing well, and that whatever the numbers were, the Lord will bring you health.

  2. oops--that's what I get for not reading further. I see you have listed "diabetic recipes." SO there's my answer. Type 1 or 2? "Hello, my name is Beth and I am a Type 2."

  3. Type 2. But, it's a new Doctor (we frequent the Community Health Clinic, where there seems to be a revolving door Marked "Doctors") and she wanted to have her own set of tests done. Fair enough. At least she's thorough! There is a better set of Diabetic recipes, (also Splenda,and sugar reduced recipes) at "" There's a link to my cooking website over there in the "Recipes" section.

    : )

  4. Have finally found a computer that will let me comment ! Hope you're recovering from the bruising and that your children are being nice to you.

    I saw a new doctor the other day myself. Was it appropriate to wonder, as he checked my lumpy armpit, (all fine) whether the slobber on his sleeve was canine or human ?

    But then, goodness knows what job satisfaction there is in checking womens armpits at 8.30 on a Monday morning....