Thursday, November 1, 2007

Today Seems Anticlimactic

After gearing up, since Monday, for Halloween, and the Tea & Bake Sale, (and all that entailed), today, catching up on the laundry, and ironing a couple of shirts, and mixing up a few loaves of bread, and tidying up for the music lessons, and clearing out the laundry room...

Just feels a little- ahhh......

A little lethargic.

A little more needing of motivation.

Of course, I have the motivation for getting the last of the trash out of Thomas' old hole (that's what we called the unfinished part of the basement where he had his space). Hillary is coming this weekend, and I need to get the things that have been parked in her room moved downstairs.

After one of our music lesson sessions, my little K. asked "What's that room?" and I told her, (to her Dad's amusement) "That's what Limbo looks like". She corrected me, reminding me that Limbo was a dance game, involving a long stick...

But, yes. My sewing room and the girls' storage things have been in Limbo in Hillary's room since September. It will be good to find them a home again.

But time is pressing.

I suppose my motivation for today is that K. and her Dad will be here around 3:45 to do the lesson thing, and we have small group meeting Thursday nights, so I need to be ready for supper and the evening before ever we have piano/ guitar lessons.

Yes. That is quite motivating.


They're at the starting gate... There's the starter's pistol... and... They're OFF!

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