Friday, November 2, 2007

Well, All I Can Say,

Is that for such a "safe" procedure,

They sure seem to have an excess of safety precautions surrounding the flu vaccine.

Read the information sheet.

Answer the questionnaire.

Sign the release form.

Wait 15 minutes after the shot to make sure you're not going to die. (that's what I told Randall, anyway, when I phoned his cell to tell him he'd have to wait outside the Clinic for an extra 15 minutes while I waited so they could be sure I wouldn't have an anaphylactic reaction to the thing.)


And 6 hours later my arm still hurts.

My right arm.

Seems like reason enough to not be moving boxes downstairs from the Limbo room.

Oh, well. If it keeps even some of those nasty bugs away it will be worth it. I had the shot 2 winters ago but missed it last fall, and last winter was pretty bad, health wise.

So, here's looking up your old address... this won't hurt a bit... (at least not very much, and probably not for very long...)

1 comment:

  1. HMMM If Randall was waiting outside does that mean he didn't get a flu shot himself? Who is going to be our pastor through the pandemic then???