Monday, December 3, 2007

Now There's Some Sad Things Known To Man, But Ain't Too Much Sadder Than

The neighbour's inflatable Santa

Lying in a deflated,  rumpled heap on the lawn in the dark,

Feebly waving a limp limb in the -33 December breeze...


  1. I think Santa has Erectile Dysfunction.

  2. Do you think Santa would like to read some of the spam that comes my way? They seem to promise help although I have never actually read one of them. I would be happy to send Santa's e-mail address to my spammers.


  3. At the risk of this discussion degrading any more than it already has, (Thanks to me I confess,)

    I suppose it wouldn't help matters to remind you that Santa's address is:

    Santa Clause

    North Pole,


    HO HO HO


  4. his postal code is actually HOH OHO.

  5. Or is that HOH? OHO!

  6. and this is where I roll my eyes...

  7. [...] The aftermath of such a full weekend coming fast on the heels of a very full and busy week is that, having hit the ground running nearly 2 weeks ago, I feel very like our old neighbour’s deflated Santa. [...]