Monday, December 3, 2007

Of Paint And Bananas And TSP

TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) actually comes first. And the bleach where we thought the black stuff might be mold...

I'm feelin' the pain, let me tell you.

My hands are D.R.Y. from the cleaning solution. Painfully, crack-fully red and dry.

I probably won't be able to get out of bed in the morning from doing the "I'll just squat here, because if I get on my knees they'll hurt, hurt, hurt" thing.

No, let me amend that.

I'll be able to get out of bed, but I probably won't be able to stand, and I'll fall to the floor assuming the Santa-Across-The-Road position beside the step stool that I'll  whack with my toes on the way down.

I should call the Chiropractor... just don't tell my Doctor.

That could be the ONE thing we will have to agree to disagree about. (In that she doesn't like Chiropractors- doesn't approve of them at all, so I'll just not mention that particular vice of mine anymore.)

I told him he'd have to be my Alternative Health Care Affair.

And he laughed.

Then he cracked all my joints and saved me, once again, from being a Twisted Sister.

Ah, the joy.

Where was I... Oh, yes. First came the TSP. Then came the paint.

We have the first coat done, and he's trying to get the corners behind the pantry shelf, fridge and stove done with a second before bed tonight so we can move those articles back into position in the morning and be done with them.

I'll try to do a second coat on the cupboard doors tomorrow.

And the Bananas?


Actually banana and roasted soy nuts. Too much cleaning and painting, and not enough supper. Like I said, I'll have a hard enough time standing up in the morning without adding low blood sugar into the mix.

AND it's snowing outside.

Sideways, hard and fast.

So, I guess all things considered... I would rather be painting...


  1. Um, I think you're supposed to wear gloves when working with TSP.....

    Sounds like you just might have to insist on a hot bath, back rub, cup of tea, full body lotion experience once this is all done. Or even before it's done!

  2. Yeah... I know... We started off with gloves, but the flimsy excuse for non-latex appendage covering we came up only lasted for the first hour of wall cleaning, on the first day we cleaned walls. After that I just tried being really dainty- dipping the cloth into the solution, and delicately squeezing it out with the tips of 2 fingers... And we made the solution weaker than the directions directed us... I'm sure, with a few days of Avon hand lotion therapy, I'll be fine!

  3. I am trying to picture dainty and delicate cloth squeezing!!!!!

    ....hope Santa brings you proper non-latex cleaning gloves for Christmas....or, better yet, a maid! ...Or a sponge mop on a long handle. ...Or good friends who love to clean walls. ...Or a lovely new house that's already painted! The possibilities are endless.

    ...OR more Avon hand lotion therapy. Yeah, that's it.