Saturday, January 19, 2008

And Tonight...

I'd be about 5, in 1968, (Oh, what. Don't even try to do the math. You already know I'll be 45 on my next birthday.)

And I'd go first for my bath so that while my Mom sat on the couch to comb out my hair and put the rollers in it, I could sit on the floor in front of her and watch the Bugs Bunny/ Road Runner show... (do you remember when you were the second kid in the tub and you would start washing faster because you could hear the theme song beginning?)

And when you were the last one in and this started, you knew you might as well take your time...

Ahhh... to be a kid again, when life was as simple as 2 channels...


  1. The bad thing about watching T.V. on Saturday mornings of my childhood was when the rotten wrestling music came on and you knew the good cartoons were over for another week. If you were really desperate you could watch the Beachcombers later on, or was that Sunday night?

    The good thing about cartoons ending about noon on Saturdays was you actually did something else with your day, like go outside. Now you can watch morning, noon and night and nothing seems as much a treat as it used to.

    What do kids look forward to now?

  2. Ah yes, good old Stampede Wrestling.

    I loved that show.

  3. Dad and I would watch Stampede Wrestling together. Then later in the day we'd watch WWF Wrestling. Dad liked Stampede Wrestling better; I preferred WWF (Hulk Hogan was in it. Come on!)

    I watched Owen Hart, among others, in both---graduating from Stampede to WWF. Owen Hart was my favourite in Stampede Wrestling---he was fancy and agile---but I didn't like him in WWF because he was a "bad guy".

    It's one of the few things we did together. I'd see that it was on and I'd go to his office and say, "Dad, wanna watch wrestling?" And he usually would.

    I don't know how many times I asked him if it was real.

    Good times.

    (This could have been a post of my own, I suppose.)