Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Know It's Going To Be A Good Day When...

You're just nicely settled for Worship

And, as you start checking the trouser pocket for tissue,

You realize the pocket is on the wrong side.

After a quick trip to the baby room toilets to turn the trousers around...


Let's just say it came as no surprise when I spilled coffee down the front of my shirt later in the morning.

So, today you can say, "Well, my day was bad, but at least, unlike Lauralea, I didn't go to Church with my trousers on backward."

Is this why the well groomed Pastor's Wife is supposed to wear a dress?


  1. I don't know who you are but I am also a pastor's wife and I love that you went to church with your trousers on backwards......I can relate finally to someone else and not feel so, but with me it was a skirt......yeah, are onto something there! The Lord bless you real good!

  2. Nah stay with the trousers. Skirts can get stuck in knickers - far more humiliating, trust me !

  3. Well, at least you looked as cute in your backwards pants as you did when you turned them around.

  4. where?? where's the "well groomed pastor's wife"?? I only see an awesome woman who's husband just happens to be an awesome pastor. :-)

  5. Awesome!!

    Lisa have you seen my new series of four coloured shirts and new ties???

    If "Awesome" means well groomed, then I am Awesome!!!


    i miss steve.