Friday, January 4, 2008

I Think The Computer Knows When It's Me

Maybe the monitor is actually a one way mirror... and while I'm looking at it, it's  looking out at me through the screen from the other side...

The computer DOES know when it's me, though.

And it doesn't like me.

Or it has a twisted sense of humour.

I'm beginning to believe that the computer has a personality to go with it's brain.

I mean, this would explain why it only decides to do a mini mock shutdown when I'M at the helm.

Several times in recent months, (usually when I'm half finished writing a post or an email...) there's a little buzzy noise- (a computer-esque chuckle?...) and then the power kicks off and the screen goes black.

Maybe 2 seconds later it starts humming again (all out computer belly laughter?...) and reboots itself.

No-one else in this family has complained of this.

Granted, only Micah and I tend to use this computer...

But still!

At first, this morning when it did it again, I thought to myself... poor old computer. I didn't want to wake up this morning either.

But as the morning has progressed I've decided that it wasn't a ploy for sympathy... this time it's personal.

Be careful, Computer.

I'm watching you too.


  1. Check that the mains cable is firmly pushed into the sockets at both ends. IEC connectors (the plugs on the back of PCs) aren't particularly secure, and nor are the excuses used as mains sockets used in North America.

  2. Oh, while I remember, if it's a Dell, they had a problem with some PC MOBOs where the caps went bad after a couple of years. Chances are that isn't the problem, but the symptoms were a suddenly total power failure in mid use.