Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pottery Tools R Us


I threw in an extra $2.90 and came away from Tree with 10- count 'em TEN new implements.

Woo Hoo!

In spite of not knowing what some of them are called... there is a hole maker (for tea pots and such) 2 mini- ribbon tools (I'm trying to remember what the signs above the tools said!) a couple of medium sized... ribbon tools (?) and one large one. Also 2 new cool-ly shaped wooden styluses... stylusi... stylusees...? and a metal disc that my husband looked at mockingly. It cuts things. And scrapes. And... I've used the ones at the pottery studio so having one here seems like a good idea...


Now I really want to get that wedding dress done so I can do some pottery stuff with a clear conscience.

I also found a book called "Making Pottery With and Without the Wheel" at The White Cat Book Company Inc. (Quality Books, Bought, Sold & Exchanged... 129-B 2nd Ave N. Saskatoon...)

I was very excited about the book too. It looks like a really excellent resource.

And THEN to top it off, (after a wonderful pub lunch of fish and chips) I found an Ellis Peters book that I've been looking for, for over a year, at McNally Robinson.

What a good day.

And Hillary just asked if I wanted to play cards or something... and Micah's doing the dishes...

Can a day get any better?!


  1. Any luck with the bridesmaid's dresses?

  2. Bridesmaid's dresses found and purchased. They're informing the Bride as we speak. Not the "colour" she wanted (the Bride), but nice, and at a good price. So- that's also done.