Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not Bad, Considering I Didn't Get Up Until After 10:00

In spite of losing half the day, I managed to get beat at "PayDay", make a pair of pajama pants, strip our bed, wash the bedding and remake the bed, and cook and clean up supper.

I even took the hot brush to my hair, at one point. "Where are you going, Mom?" "To the laundry room." "But where are you going?" "To the laundry room." "Oh. I heard you doing your hair."

Tomorrow looks like it's shaping up for a trip to Saskatoon. Might be able to trade my Christmas gift certificate from "Tree" pottery supply store for some new clay tools. That would be good. The bridesmaids are also hoping to score a couple of dresses.

It will be an early start, though, so if we're going to watch "Mars Attacks" we'll have to get started!


  1. Mars attacks is great. Chris doesn't get it at all though.

  2. hey...first time seeing the new look...nice! :)