Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What Now?

Since my daughter thinks I lack discretion, I suppose I should think of a few safe topics to blog about...

Hmm... how about:

Only 11 weekends left before her wedding.

Counting that off on the calendar freaked me out a bit.

If I consider that one of those weekends is booked for the Church Ladies' annual retreat, and another for a trip south to celebrate my Dad's birthday...

NINE weekends until the wedding.

I'm setting myself the task of getting the wedding dress components made before the end of January. (Dad's birthday weekend)  How retarded is it to be making the girl's dress for her? When she is in BC? When I am here? When she's only planning to be here for a week (as far as I know) before the actual wedding?

I made my dress, (and it was a stunner, I can tell you- really. That was not sarcasm) but I was at least in the same province as I was.

: )

Ah, well. This wedding- eldest child's impending nuptials- and all that it entails (emotionally, physically, materially) will be the big thing on my mind for the next- 11  1/2 weeks.

I guess she won't have to worry about my blog subjects... I'll be too busy to think lurid thoughts.

Happy New Year!


  1. I imagine sewing a wedding dress of this importance will be stressful. I find sewing a hem stress enough, so yeah, you're nuts.

    At my sister's wedding in Winnepeg, I hauled cakes to be decorated,icing, tools, tips, dresses and three wee children (one of which cut her first tooth at the ceremonies). We survived and it was beautiful.

    Hope you can celebrate this day with a tear and much rejoicing and LOW STRESS.

  2. I watched 'Meet the Fockers' again over Christmas (a title that really doesn't translate well in the UK). Reading this post brought it back to me in a surreal way. Maybe you need to lay in a stock of humourous dvds etc for the nights ahead ? The wedding will happen, and will be beautiful, but a few doses of laughter between then and now will help things along.

    And surely, grossing out your children with lurid thoughts from time to time is part of the parental job description ?

  3. I agree with Rachel on the need to gross out our children with lurid thoughts from time to time. What do they think? That we are dead or something?

    Well almost maybe but not quite.

    Extra incentive for them to leave our wonderful care and strike out on their own I should think. :)