Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Days Like This...

(-50 with wind chill...  foggy...  ice crystals...) that I really hate sending people out.

I'm glad that I don't have to go out in it, but it's hard to send the others.

I hate the fog. It's so thick that I can't see the Pedestrian Crossing light on the corner at the other end of the block. I can watch Micah, as he walks to school, for less than half a block.

Don't take chances, I tell him. Sure the cars should all have their lights on, but just because you can see them, it doesn't mean they can see you. Visibility is very low, and the roads are slippery, so even if they see you, if you're not where you should be, they might not be able to stop.

And I hate having them out, even if they're car pooling in one vehicle so the other doesn't sit freezing at the high school all day. It's just too cold. Nothing wants to go on days like this.

I'd like to just scoop them all up, an pull them all back inside, and settle them on the sofa with big mugs of hot drinks, and tuck comforters around them... and see them safe and warm and cozy.

But since I can't, I'll go make some chili and pie for supper.

And turn the furnace up before they get home this afternoon.

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