Monday, January 28, 2008

It Was Good To Be There

But it's good to be home.

And the birthday dinner went well. I think Dad had a good time. And he was pleased that we (my sister and I) were there. It was good. In spite of the beating I took at more than half the canasta games.

Looks like they kept things ticking along quite nicely here.

No big messes to clean up. No one went hungry. It's all good.

Quite the snow outside though. Doubly glad I got home last night and don't have to travel today, although it seems to be mostly fake looking, powdery white stuff. Pretty to look at, but not great for snow ball fights or building snow men.

And now I have to face the wedding music. I MUST get that dress sewn up so it's ready to take along when we go to Saskatoon to meet the new nephew.

Just have to get at it.

I'm going off to think of some self motivation now.

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