Monday, January 28, 2008

Next Of Kin Have Been Notified

Now I just have to process the impending Doctors' visits and surgery and all that that entails.

I knew he was going to remove the half of the thyroid with the nodule, because it's quite big (4 cm he said) and it's fairly constrictive, but he surprised me today by setting the surgery date for Feb. 7th.

That's just over a week away.

I think he's trying to be helpful, as we were concerned about wait times and recovery times, what with the wedding coming up and all.

So, 10 days.

In between there's a trip to the GP for a pre-op physical and a visit to the ear-nose-throat guy to get the low-down on the vocal chords etc., just to make sure there will be no surprises for the surgeon. (as I understand it)

The needle biopsy was inconclusive. The cells are abnormal (hey, they're my cells! how else could they be?) That doesn't mean there is cancer present, but it also doesn't mean there isn't. A proper biopsy will be done after the surgery. If the thing is cancerous, they'll go back in and take the other half out.



Less worried about losing the whole thyroid than I am about losing my voice from nerve damage.

But, what can you do? Just walk it through.

One step at a time.


  1. Hey, we'll keep praying for this.

  2. I really have no clue what to say, just that I will hold you in my prayers; that your voice will be preserved, that you will be able to walk through this sensing God right there holding you closely. May his hand of healing be on you now, throughout the surgery and the healing time.

  3. We'll be praying for you, Laura.

  4. God, will you take care of Lauralea, enfold her, love her, hide her in your least until this dang surgery is over with. She (they all) need your presence in their home these days. We know it's a "refiners fire" kind of thing going on here, so...please, just keep her from scar tissue as the temperature rises.


  5. Lauralea,
    I was researching thyroid nodules online when I found your post. During a recent routine doctor's visit a lump was found on my right lobe. I have had a needle biopsy and been told it's a tumor and results were inconclusive. Like you I am now preparing for surgery to have the tumor and half of my thyroid removed. My prayers are with you.