Friday, January 11, 2008

That Was A Little More Than I Bargained For

I made it to the "consult" with the surgeon today. He's a very nice man. From South Africa... Anglican, goes to the Cathedral downtown... we have Anglican friends in common...

Now, I don't usually quiz my Doctors on their religious persuasions, but he was trying to put me at my ease and get to know me a bit, and started asking what I did, then what my husband did, and which church it was... and what my children were doing, and which of them did I think would follow their father's footsteps into ministry... and I thought- guys who don't have a clue don't ask questions like this... so I said, "And what about you?"

So... I feel quite sure I'm in very good hands. His and God's together.

However... I wasn't quite prepared for the "needle biopsy" he did.

Why did my Doctor send me to see him? What had she said he would likely do?

That answered, he said he would like to do the Needle Biopsy first. That would immediately rule out cancerous cells (or not, I suppose). When he said the "N" word I asked if I could go get my husband to hold my hand.

So... if his fingers look a little crooked this afternoon... you know why.

Once again the deep breathing from College's voice lessons saves the day.

My neck and throat hurt like crazy, but I didn't move.

He'll probably remove the "nodule" regardless of the biopsy result, as he said it's actually quite large. This would explain why I sometimes have to concentrate to swallow, and why I sometimes feel a little choked. (wedding woes aside!) But I guess if it's just a benign lump then I could wait until the heat dies down, after Easter, to worry about losing it.

Still, "needle biopsy" sounds significant enough to warrant playing a computer game while I wait for the results. I had the impression he was going to phone me with them as soon as they were done this afternoon.

I wonder if the Ibuprofen will do the trick, or if that gland is just going to be angry all afternoon... and I should definitely leave the little bandaid on my neck where the needle went in... twice... yeah, that's it... play the sympathy card... see which boy offers to make supper or do the dishes....


  1. Ahem, actually the needle only went in once, then he kinda mushed it all around, a couple of times.

    Just to be clear.

  2. Well... he took it out after he was in then, and went in another side of the gland. He might have pierced SKIN only once, but he definitely entered the thyroid twice, from 2 directions.


  3. Hope it's good news! That does not sound fun.

  4. You have all my sympathy.

    When I had to get a big bad needle into my bursitis area, I looked so horrified the doctor took pity on me and gave a bit of freezing as it went in.

    Suppose you can't do that with the thyroid though.

  5. I think I would insist on freezing - unless I was trying to put up one of my heroic fronts.

    Will be praying for you - no matter what the results are.

  6. I think I felt that needle over here. Will be praying for you

  7. Yuck - thinking of you. And play that sympathy card, seems like a legitimate thing to do to me.

  8. Just read this. I'll try to remember to pray for you.

  9. I'm sorry you went through that - no matter how nice the surgeon was! I'm thinking of you and saying a prayer for you too. :)

  10. Just read Randall's post linking here. Praying for good news.