Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Well, Today Was A Bit Of A Wash

And there were no dishes, clothing or floor tiles involved in any way.

I had the car today for an appointment with the Thyroid specialist (although his office stationary says "surgeon"; not sure if I should be concerned yet...) but when that got postponed until Friday I thought- Great Day In The Morning! I can go to the Art Centre and see about mucking around with some clay.

However,  after spending the morning with the chiropractor (don't tell Dr. J.) and the fine folks at Fabricland, I was down to the wee afternoon hours.

A quick "chat" online with Randall had me making him tuna sandwiches to drop off on my way to the pottery studio, via the Church office, via the Dental Clinic where I was dropping off Avon.

It just took longer to get it all together than I thought it would... including a third, unscheduled stop at the school to bring Micah his trumpet.


Having  delivered trumpets and Avon orders, having taken so long that Randall was gone and his lunch (which would by now be nearly a dinner appetizer) remains undelivered... I could see by the clock in the car that it was 2:55.

If I continued on to do pottery, I'd have half an hour. An hour tops, and that would probably make supper late- which, after no lunch for certain family members, might not be ideal.


I came home.

There's a chance I could just go over tonight after supper, or Friday morning before the rescheduled appointment.

But... I suppose... for now... I'll clean up from breakfast and lunch, and forge on into supper prep.

My life is so full and exciting.


  1. Doing errands like that just seems to eat up the time. Hope you get some pottery time tomorrow.

  2. Maybe you should write 'pottery' as a definite date in your diary from time to time. All the other stuff somehow fits around appointments with other people - maybe appointments with pottery are just as important ?