Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And... So It Is Done

Christmas, I mean.

The boxes have been packed back under the stairs... the suitcases are back in front...

Now what?

I suppose I could vacuum up the last remnants of green leafery... (I just made that word up. Could you tell?)  I could put the living room chairs back. I could think of something for supper. I could make popcorn for after school snack!

Yeah... let's take the ol' Shop Vac/ pathetic-excuse-for-a-vacuum-cleaner upstairs, give the carpets and kitchen floor a quick once over, put the chairs back then MAKE POPCORN!


I have a plan.


  1. The remnants or our green leafery are still sitting at the top of the stairs to the basement awaiting me of course to take them down. And then to put them back into the storeroom which so badly needs a good cleaning out first.

  2. so did you save out my christmas ornaments like I asked?

  3. I saved out the ones that I knew were definitely yours.

  4. Leafery..that classic. I like it better than "remants" or "greenery". Or as my son calls them tree "crumbs". ;)