Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You're A Three Decker Saurkraut And Toadstool Sandwich With Arsenic Sauce

The time has come for my yearly Grinchy performance, once again.

I have to take away Christmas.

Pack it up, box it up, bag it up.  The pretty lights, the ornaments, the green stuff...

And by lunch time, Christmas will be but a fading memory, and all that will be left to prove it was ever here, will be a small bowl of mini candy canes from the tree.


I still maintain that it would be good to spread the Holidays out a bit more; Thanksgiving in October, Christmas in January, Easter in May.

ah, well.

Can't put it off... better get it done...

1 comment:

  1. Well at least you have Thanksgiving to balance out the year - some of us have no colonial yoke to give thanks for being released from - we just slog it through from Easter to Christmas without a break. I'm sure your heart bleeds......!