Friday, March 21, 2008

And Can It Be?

I think- dare I say it?

I think I'm as ready as I can be at this point.

I've even been able to zip up a skirt to go with my new suit for tomorrow. (It came with trousers, but I'd rather wear a skirt for something as important and monumental as my first Daughter's wedding.)

I did an alteration on one of the Bridesmaid dresses, and I've pressed my big green tablecloth for the head table... and I've made little Easter presents for my 2 little girls down the block...


I will try to plot out the food while they're doing the rehearsal this afternoon so I can decide on bowls and serving plates and arrange things in my head. (or on a piece of foolscap!)

The hardest thing is that we are the only house in the city that is connected with, and known to be connected with, this wedding, so our place becomes the gathering and meeting place. And when there are 16- 25 people (just today) coming and going, it gets a little much. Tomorrow all the Saskatoon people will join us too, although most of the morning will be spent at the church getting the salads mixed up and the pickles on plates.

It will feel very quiet by Sunday evening, I think.

I like my friend Rachel's email advice today:

"... and if you still feel shattered on Monday just remember that it was only Jesus who resurrected in 3 days - the rest of us generally need a bit longer !"


On that note, I leave you for now.

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