Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're Getting There

We spent an afternoon pushing heavily laden shopping carts around two grocery stores and anticipate a morning (at least) of boiling, chopping, shredding, slicing and dicing.

But I think the Wedding Feast has been procured.

And as soon as I finish up a bit of computer business I'll go finish that one, final, last button loop.

And then The Dress, or should I say, The Bridal Gown?

Will be complete.

And She didn't cry.

In fact, she pretty much likes it.

And She'll look absolutely beautiful.

And, in spite of my hard-hearted resolve, I'll probably cry when I see her coming down the aisle on her Father's arm.

Only 3 more sleeps.


  1. Hey, if it will help to break the tears of the moment, take a look at Marc squatting on the floor taking their picture coming up the aisle -- he is well-known for his "plumber butt". Though that might just make you cry more. :)

    I'm so glad it's all coming together. With a couple days to spare...

  2. man...note to self bring kleenex...almost started tearing up reading that post!

  3. Sorry ladies, there will be no plumber butt this weekend.

    At least not if I can help it.