Friday, March 14, 2008

One Week And A Day

After figuring out how much Instant Active Dry Yeast I need to use instead of my regular Active sort, I'm ready to go get a few dozen cinnamon buns mixed and rising.


The dress.

But Micah had to take a lunch today, so I gain an hour.

The only kind of Daylight Savings Time I get around here!

I'll be done. I'm making progress.



  1. fingers crossed....
    it will be good...
    it will fit...
    I will not freak out,
    because I will love it.


    maybe you should slip me something at supper so I'm more relaxed and don't care quite so much before trying it on.

  2. I have some of that stuff to slip her, Lauralea. Just may have to remind her why she is trying on a dress and what she is doing at the church in it - but there should be absolutely NO anxiety!

    On her part anyway.

  3. And Jesus must like her, because even when I pricked my finger enough to test my blood sugar,(while sewing the 20 little round buttons all down the back) I didn't get any of my A negative on the bridal garb.