Wednesday, March 12, 2008

While Reading Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban,

Micah and I were wondering:

If Hermione has a Time Travelling thing that she's using to get to all her classes,

WHY couldn't someone like Dumbledore go back in time to be at Harry Potter's house just before Voldemort got there to kill/attempt to kill everyone, and so save the day?


Why couldn't he?


  1. I have absolutely no idea, but that's the kind of thing that Duncan will debate endlessly, so if you like I could drop him off on the weekend.

  2. Maybe because then the prophesy wouldn't be able to be fulfilled? That is a good question, maybe you should email it to J K Rowling...

  3. Thanks, Jen, but I'll pass.

    : )

    I'm a little behind on the dress...

    And stuff...

  4. No problem, he loves to sew. And chat.

  5. Because if HP's parents didn't get killed then there would never have been a HP series, and there would be no story. The sacrifices some people have to make......