Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jesus Knew. He Always Knows.

I woke up early this morning, glanced over at the clock, and realized that I hadn't set the alarm last night.

Since it was just barely past 6:00, I decided to risk sleeping in, and dozed off again.

The next time I received an internal poke and peeked at the clock it was 6:18.

By now I was pretty much awake, and although not feeling AT ALL like I was ready to get up, I decided to just get up anyway.

I was wandering around the kitchen by 7:45, and figured I might as well start baking the cupcakes for Staff Snack.

And after scrambled eggs for 3, tea for 2 and having the house nicely vacated, I was happily icing cupcakes, (hair not touched since I brushed it out after the shower, wearing my "cupcake icing-in the kitchen-not going anywhere" clothes) when the phone rang.

It was Micah.

The Band Teacher had gotten it wrong.

Micah's spot wasn't at 1:00, after lunch.

It was between 10:30 and 11:00 am.

The time?




He was.

I phoned Randall, and engaged his chauffeur services for 10:15, then, inwardly still screaming with a face like this, tried to get into concert playing mode.

Two hours later it's all over.

Micah played quite well. I mean- he can play! Who knew!

And I didn't mess him up with my piano stylings.

And he tied for second place.

And the cupcakes were about half done, and I still have almost an hour to get them finished before the school's lunch hour is over and staff meeting begins.

All that to say,

It's a good thing I woke up early this morning.

I shudder to think what my frame of mind might have been if I had just put 2 dozen cupcakes in the oven, or hadn't started baking them yet thinking I'd have all morning to get them done.

So, thanks for being on top of that whole alarm thing for me, Jesus.

Just thanks.


  1. Ah, so that's why I saw Micah helping Randall clean eavestroughs this afternoon. Anna played at 2:30--she did great too!

  2. We've had 'Jesus is my homeboy'. Now we've got 'Jesus is my Ay-larm'. I seem to remember occasions when Jesus was also my alarm when He wanted a little time too, but I guess it's a fair trade ;-)

    Congrats to Micah. Despite the expression being popular here for a while, coming second IS better than kissing your sister.