Monday, April 7, 2008

In Other News

(We're now talking about anything but the weather here. Even Thomas, when he came up this morning, looked out the window, commented on the fact that it looks a little more spring-like today, and cautioned me against blogging it...)

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY.

Well, another big day.

It's festival day!

Micah's big trumpet solo, which I still haven't heard.

For real.

Last night he asked if he could stay home from school on Tuesday morning so we can practice.

I said probably not, and reminded him that I've been nagging him to bring his trumpet home for a month so we can start to practice together.


I hope he's put in as much alone practice over at the school as I have here with the piano. If he has, he stands a chance!

If it is as I suspect... then one morning off school won't help him too much anyway.

And besides. I was going to make cupcakes for the Staff snack in the afternoon.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate the Music Festival?

(Just competing in it. If YOU love to play, by all means go ahead! I can come listen. I just hate to compete. Even if it's as the anonymous accompanist.)

So, now I'm looking forward to Wednesday.


  1. Good luck to you and Micah at festival!

  2. Yes, those nasty music festivals. My hand haven't shaken like that for years. You have my sympathies, too. On the plus side, it'll be over soon.