Friday, April 4, 2008

My Humblest Apologies

I feel somewhat responsible.

Every time I write "Ooh! It looks like Spring is here! Sing and shout!
Do a happy dance of joy! It's Spring! It's Spring!"...

It snows.

I'm beginning to suspect that the continued presence of winter in Prince Albert may be my fault.

So, yes.

My deepest and most broken apologies.

I will never, ever, ever anticipate the arrival of S.P.R.I.N.G that most fickle temptress again.

I promise.

I will hold my emotions in check.

I will restrain myself from impersonations of the local meteorologist.

Never. Again.

Unless... Hey- is that a break in the clouds?! Was that another flock of misguided geese? Wait! Is that a new blade of grass? Over THERE! Poking up through that little patch of snow?! Can it be?! For REAL this time?! ...

Oh... sorry.

My mistake.


  1. There's no way you just saw a blade of grass! I guess the girls shouldn't wear shorts today like they did yesterday.

  2. No pressure or anything, but your power seems to extend across the Atlantic. After a week of sunshine and daffodils it has just started snowing here. I know we don't do snow like you do, but all the same winter has returned. I don't want to blame you, but maybe you should turn your thoughts to world peace or something ....?!

  3. ...let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me, let there be peace on earth- the peace that was meant to be....

  4. Go girl ! Can't wait to read the headlines tomorrow - Zimbabwe, Iraq...and no snow anywhere in the world - apart from the parts that really need it.

  5. Spring?

    Well, I did see a crow sitting atop our 4 foot high snow bank in the back.

    That counts for something.;)

  6. I can only echo Rachel's comments, although I don't *mind* snow here one bit.

  7. I hate to be a stick-in-the-mud, but by the logic of events thus far, isn't Lauralea talking about world peace going to lead to more war and dischord?

    Can you reverse what you said, L?