Saturday, April 26, 2008

Raindrops? All Frozen. The Sun? A Mere Pittance.

It's almost May, so I shouldn't need mittens.

Playing in snow is a wonderful thing,

But not when it's April and it should be SPRING!

* * *

When I go out I get frozen eyelashes.

When I come in I get steam on my glasses.

I do like winter, but this is the thing,

I'll go berserk if I don't see some SPRING!

* * *

When the snow bites,

When the wind stings,

When I'm blue (I'm told ),

If I can convince me that Spring's really here,

Well, then I won't feel so cold!


  1. very only took a few lines before the tune started playing in my head to accompany the new lyrics...

  2. Haha, I love the little song! :o)

    In other (unrelated) news, I'm moving back to PA on Monday, and was thinking that you and my mom and I should have a movie night, or afternoon, etc. to watch "Her Majesty" - that's the movie that stars one of my students in New Zealand. I bought it on eBay but haven't watched it yet.

    Just a thought. :o)

  3. A good thought... We should do that.