Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who Knew?!

I might just be a potter after all!

I was able to "throw" a plate and a bowl today.

A bowl that's bigger than my hands, even. It could actually be something!

And we learned how to "throw on a batt" today.

Basically, it means covering the whole wheel with a layer of clay, then scoring it all around many times, like a bulls-eye, then sticking a round wooden disc, or "batt" to the clay. The theory is that if you "throw" on the batt, when you're finished working your piece you don't have to lift it off the wheel, and risk warping it. Important for plates and really big or fragile pieces.

Second try was the charm for the plate, and then the big (for me!) bowl came off.

My Celtic carved-rim piece is ready to be fired, and the mistake-cum- candle holder as well. Always exciting to get things moved to the "to be fired" shelf. My third nearly finished piece from last week is still a little damp. I ended up etching butterflies around the outside of it. If it turns out it will be very pretty.

It was a good day at the pottery studio.

And we all survived church this morning!

A different morning as all of us were involved with leading worship; as in, Hillary sang, Thomas played bass, I was on piano and Micah was the sound guy. We didn't even make any fatal errors! I think it even sounded pretty good.

They might even ask us to do it again sometime!

But, throwing clay is still hard work, and I'm feeling like it's been a looong day, and it's not even 6:30 pm yet!

Time to chill.


  1. I was thinking about how all your family were involved in the worship leading this morning. Was I ever glad.