Saturday, May 17, 2008

And Once Again

It has all the makings of a nice, lazy, leisurely Saturday morning:

Boys away for a Youth group all-nighter at the Church ...

Just the two of us ...

No appointments ...

No reason to rush into the day ...

A good morning to make up for the 4 am coughing fit by lounging a bit ...


Do NONE of the male juveniles in this house know how to switch off their alarm clocks before leaving the house when they are planning to be absent in the morning?

Alarm clocks that have graduated beeping alarms that get louder and louder to keep you from ignoring them when they go off.

Alarms in rooms directly beside their parents' room.

Alarms set for 6:00.


That one got unplugged when my kind attempt at turning said alarm off failed and it started beeping a second time, five minutes after I was nicely settled back in bed.

The 9:00 alarm in the basement that was enough to penetrate into my subconscious to wake me for the day got ignored while I had a shower and breakfasted.

It continued to beep for 2 hours.

I am sorely tempted, now that they are home and have crashed and it's after 1:00 pm, to make sudden, loud, sporadic noises until they get up.

But realizing that they'd just be cranky and irritating, I suspect that I'll have the victory.


  1. Oh, I hate that too. Especially when it is someone's cell phone and I can't even find it!

  2. At our wedding reception my new father-in-law gave me an alarm clock to help him make a joke about me getting up every morning to make his daughter a cup of tea.

    It was set for 5am.

    Someone had a sense of humour for the morning after that night of all nights.