Monday, May 19, 2008

Even The Weather Is Getting Into The Spirit Of The Day

What better way to begin Victoria Day than with tea and scones?

And, as it should be on the day that we commemorate the birthday of a British Queen, it is overcast, gray and rainy outside.

And, if I have read my memos correctly, we're going to the Prince Caspian movie tonight- a movie based on a book by British author C. S. Lewis.

So, if you phone me and I answer with a husky, sexy, English accented voice, you'll not have dialed the wrong number.

It's just me (and my still flu affected vocal cords), like the weather, getting into the spirit of the day.


  1. Great movie! We saw it this PM. Enjoy!

  2. Does having an English accented voice automatically make you sexy in Canada ? Looking up flights as we speak....

  3. well... especially a flu- affected English accent... the gravely aspect helps...