Thursday, May 22, 2008

Concerned Citizen?

Or just the nosy old bat who lives in the white house on the corner.

I maintain the former, although the grade 4 or 5 kid who had to get talked out of the East End Parking lot tree he was hanging around in,  (outside the school fence, during school hours) might think the latter.

Let's see... that makes smokers, tree climbing hookie players and midget bullies I've snitched on.

I'm surprised our house doesn't get egged more often.


  1. Really - I maintain the up in a tree is a great place to learn stuff. Of course it is not what is on the teacher's agenda, but it can be a place to learn a lot of botany and entomology and such, not to speak of studying the sky and weather patterns.

  2. And but for the fact that the kid was sort of swarming up and down the tree- out on a limb in every sense of the word... It was more my fear that he'd slip, or try to jump down, that prompted me to alert the school to the fact that one of their own had gone AWOL.