Friday, May 23, 2008

How Do I Get So Tightly Wound?

I'm a fairly relaxed person, I think.

Yet, once again, at the chiropractor this morning, we find knotted muscles that are as hard as bone. Muscles and out of joint joints that have had me in headache hell for the past couple of days.

It's usually my shoulder and neck muscles, and I honestly have no idea how they get so hard and tight. I don't think I'm doing things that should make them that way.

So how DO I get so tightly wound?


Maybe a hot tub should be more than just a pipe dream.

Maybe I really should take up Tai Chi or Yoga.

Maybe I should read all the fine print on Randall's health plan to see if massage therapy is covered.

Ah, well.

The day is still fairly young, the Ibuprofen and muscle pain pills are kicking in and it looks as though the day is shaping up to be a warm, bright, sunny one, with not too much on the agenda.

I should go do something...  justify my existence in some way... make it look like I'm a valuable, contributing member of this family unit...

Or haul out the porch swing cushions and make some lemonade ...


  1. i finally went for my b-day massage today and it was anything but relaxing or enjoyable. I ache all over and I'm sure there's going to be bruises. Had no idea my body was this sore.

    Put your feet up, drink some lemonade and enjoy the sunshine!!

  2. Can't wait for your "retirement" party! I like your way of thinking : )