Friday, May 9, 2008

I Like My Chiropractor

Even when it's hard to tell what the joint pain is from... encroaching old age... an insidious virus... the vague bodily abuses incurred by living at 4' 10"  in a 6 foot world... encroaching old age...

But sometimes I wonder why I bother.  Don't get me wrong- chiropractic works for me, but I'm so the opposite of nice to my body (tripping over things, twisting things, moving things the wrong way- mostly just your everyday clutzy behaviour) that even though the headache goes away for awhile and the back stops hurting with every breath, it doesn't take long to become a twisted sister again.

Like I told him this morning- "What's the point!  Ten minutes of wedging clay this afternoon will undo all this!"

Still, I suppose five relatively pain free hours is worth it.

And I might be a gentle wedger this time.

And I'll go back next week and he'll fix me all up again.

"Yes. Could I reserve a table for one on Friday morning with Dr. B.? Thank you so much. I'll see you then." 


  1. I understand. Thankfully, unless I tax myself shortly after an adjustment, mine last for four to five days. I take Tylenol until about two weeks when I visit again. it's just so much cheaper than $17 a "pop".

  2. Pretty much.

    It was a month since my last adjustment. A little too long, I guess. I'm still getting the back fixed from whatever they did to me when I had the surgery in February.