Friday, June 27, 2008

Is It Over?

We made it through two and a half hours  of [leg dangling] Commencement Exercises.

We made it through the hour and a half long fashion show that is the Grand March.

We even danced our way through the prescribed dances, and partied our way into the early hours of the morning after the night before (well, some of us did...)

Sunday Micah heads to camp at Clear Lake in Manitoba... and tomorrow we'll have our traditional "You Graduated/You Passed" family dinner at the restaurant of our choice.


I think it MIGHT just be over...

Today felt fairly anticlimactic.

The day started out gray and rainy, which accentuated the mood.

Sort of slow.

Lethargic even.

Relaxed and laid back.

I guess we'll be easing ourselves into summer now.

Marking "X"s  on the calendar so I remember what day it is.

I should pick the rest of the gooseberries and make a pie or something tomorrow.

Ah, good.

A plan.

That might help!

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