Sunday, July 20, 2008

Et Tu, Randall?

When the boys went away, Micah came home to an unplugged alarm clock.

Thomas did the same thing again 2 weeks ago- (leaving his alarm set,) but Thomas sleeps in the basement bedroom, and his alarm was mistakenly set for pm instead of am, so it has been easily ignored.

Whenever this has happened, (and it seems to happen regularly...) Randall and I have been equally irritated.

So, you can imagine my initial surprise and subsequent annoyance when, 45 minutes ahead of my alarm this morning, there was a fairly loud blast of music from the absent husband's side of the bed.

I am SO giving him the gears about this when next we speak...

He's just lucky that his first morning away was Sunday, and not a sleep in Saturday.

Although, being awakened by a rogue alarm only 45 minutes ahead of the real alarm is harsh. It's just that much too early to appreciate being awake, and it's just that much too late to justify going back to sleep- even IF you know which buttons to press to disable it.

Which reminds me that I was going to look for the instructions to make sure I HAVE turned it off... I tried... and I made the music stop, but it could just be that I turned the volume off... and I may also have  reset the alarm by 2 minutes- there's a tiny "7:32" in one corner where there was a "7:30"... I'm not 100% sure...

I suppose, on the positive side, I might get a good start on the several sewing projects I have in mind for this week before I fly away...

But really.

Stupid alarm.


  1. You could always find the plug. Guarantees silence.


  2. Hey,

    it dawns on me, as you paint me with this thick, big brush, that I left on Saturday evening and on Saturday I wanted to sleep in as much as was possible, which was only 9 or 10 am. SO I DIDN'T SET MY ALARM FOR SATURDAY MORNING.

    IT WAS OFF!!!

    Maybe the music was in your head, or maybe you accidently switched it on in the night, you do move around a lot, you know.

    I don't know how it got turned on.

    Perhaps you wore that little black number to bed...

  3. Methinks thou dost protest too much...