Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And As I Sat In The Doctor's Office

Having only gone to get my Metformin prescription renewed before I go away and run out...

She turned to the computer and pulled up my last blood test results.

Everything was good.

Well, everything except that hormone...

Not the thyroid- that's still good.

Not the insulin- that's still holding it's own with the meds.

The other one.

The (female) hormone...

<110 is considered "menopausal", she says.

I only scored 83.

So she's given me a low dose birth control pill to help ease me into the Big M.

I suggested she just take it out... she thought I was joking...

During our "estrogen" discussion I was struck with a sudden inspiration.

Hey! (I said) That might help with...  that thing...  when you can't sleep at night... you know...  what's it called?...

She suggested "insomnia"

YES! That!

And (I added hopefully) maybe memory too...


  1. I hear you. I'm trying to go au naturel thru the process, but it's not easy. Being a woman SUCKS some days.